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The 10 Hottest Indian Women

So we got an email from a reader today telling us how great our site is and also that he hasn’t found any pictures with  Indian women here. We’ve thought about this for a while and yeah, he is right, we never posted any Indian chick here which was a bit surprising for us. Not even that hottie from Top Chef.
India has over one billion people, from which half are probably women so… there should be a lot of stunning babes from this country, right? But then I realized there must be a problem or something with India. It might be from their culture, but the thing is that India is overly conservative and they aren’t too open to nudity and stuff.
That’s why we haven’t noticed and posted any Indian woman here before, because these babes aren’t showing too much of their delightful bodies. For Indians even a kissing scene from a movie is a big deal and that is quite odd, especially since the country invented Kama Sutra.
Anyway, they probably have a different opinion about women beauty too but I don’t care about their opinion. I don’t like a chick until I see every inch of her body and if these babes aren’t showing too much skin then I’d go for another girl who is more open-minded.
So, thanks to the suggestions given by our reader and also a bit of help from Complex we managed to make a list with the Top 10 Hottest Indian Women with 99 pictures carefully selected to see a bit more of those gorgeous bodies. Enjoy!

10. Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia 1
Neha Dhupia is a hot Indian actress who appears in… guess what? Bollywood films, of course. Any movie in which actors sing and dance seems gay for me but in India this is something regular and that’s how they like their movies. Weird tastes I’d say, right? Anyway, Neha is a former beauty queen and also won Femina Miss India 2002, which is a lot since the country has that many women.
Neha Dhupia 1 Neha Dhupia 2 Neha Dhupia 3 Neha Dhupia 4 Neha Dhupia 5 Neha Dhupia 6 Neha Dhupia 7 Neha Dhupia 8 Neha Dhupia 9

9. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra 1
I’m sure most of you already heard this name or have seen her before. Priyanka Chopra gained fame after winning the Miss World Title back in 2000 and after that she started working as a model and also entered the movie industry from Bollywood. She made it to a couple of films, probably successful locally but I’m sure we’d all like to see more of her as a model rather than seeing her movies.
Priyanka Chopra 1 Priyanka Chopra 2 Priyanka Chopra 3 Priyanka Chopra 4 Priyanka Chopra 5 Priyanka Chopra 6 Priyanka Chopra 7 Priyanka Chopra 8 Priyanka Chopra 9

8. Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu 1
Guess what? According to Wikipedia Bipasha Bassu is another Indian model who turned to acting and mainly appears in Bollywood films. It seems that if you’re hot in India, the most amazing thing you could do is play in their movies which is not great, right? Anyway, Bipasha is apparentlythe winner of a Supermodel contest and she’s now one of the most popular actresses from this country.
Bipasha Basu 1 Bipasha Basu 2 Bipasha Basu 3 Bipasha Basu 4 Bipasha Basu 5 Bipasha Basu 6 Bipasha Basu 7 Bipasha Basu 8 Bipasha Basu 9

7. Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai 1
You would be surprised to see how many people consider Aishwarya Rai as being the most beautiful woman in the world. For me, yeah, she’s hot, she has probably the most amazing eyes you’ll every see but since she’s not showing too much skin she’s not as hot as others. She won the Miss World title lots of years ago and besides being one of the most popular Indian actresses she was also named of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People.
Aishwarya Rai 1 Aishwarya Rai 2 Aishwarya Rai 3 Aishwarya Rai 4 D 40821-05 Aishwarya Rai 6 Aishwarya Rai 7 Aishwarya Rai 8 Aishwarya Rai 9

6. Koena Mitra

Koena Mitra 1
Apparently Koena Mitra is a fantastic dancer after she practiced dancing for about 12 years. Probably those great dance numbers on the screen made her really popular in India, but my full attention goes to her stunning body! Of course, I’d love to see this tight body doing a private dance for me, but dressed as I say. Koena is not like other Indian women who hide most of their bodies and we even found some drool inducing pictures with her.
Koena Mitra 1 Koena Mitra 2 Koena Mitra 3 Koena Mitra 4 Koena Mitra 5 Koena Mitra 6 Koena Mitra 7 Koena Mitra 8 Koena Mitra 9

5. Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto 1
So guess what? Freida Pinto is also an Indian actress but compared to rest of the actress who appear in those silly movies she went for something bigger and she appeared in Slumdog Millionaire. I’m a bit impressed that movie was so successful because if you’d ask me, that movie was shit. Anyway, after her appearance in this movie her fame went global and she also made some sensual pics to please our eyes.
Freida Pinto 1 Freida Pinto 2 Freida Pinto 3 Freida Pinto 4 Freida Pinto 5 Freida Pinto 6 Freida Pinto 7 Freida Pinto 8 Freida Pinto 9

4. Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat 1
Mallika Sherawat began her career as an air hostess while obtaining her degree in Indian Philosophy and after she finished her studies she decided to try her luck and pursue her Bollywood dreams. So far, she’s living it up and she’s one of the best in the field. Not only she’s really belautiful, but she’s also pretty smart so that would make her a pretty great package.
Mallika Sherawat 1 Mallika Sherawat 2 Mallika Sherawat 3 Mallika Sherawat 4 Mallika Sherawat 5 Mallika Sherawat 6 Mallika Sherawat 7 Mallika Sherawat 8 Mallika Sherawat 9

3. Riya Sen

Riya Sen 1
Riya Sen is a well known Bollywood Actress who grew up in a family of other Bollywood Actors and Indian Royalty.  Aside from being incredibly hot, she’s really short, or at least that’s how the guys from HolyTaco describe her. Compared to other Indian actresses this babe loves to show off her body and that gets extra points from us.
Riya Sen 1 Riya Sen 2 Riya Sen 3 Riya Sen 4 Riya Sen 5 Riya Sen 6 Riya Sen 7 Riya Sen 8 Riya Sen 9

2. Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone 1
Deepika Padukone is a new sensation in India where even though she’s pretty young she’s probably the most successful babe from this country. Indians are totally in love with her and say she’s the most beautiful girl from their country and we surely agree with that. She was a top caliber badminton player while she was in high school but show business took her way and not only she’s the most popular actress at the moment but she’s also a world class model doing work for Close-up, Maybelline, Tissot and other well known brands.
Deepika Padukone 1 Deepika Padukone 2 Deepika Padukone 3 Deepika Padukone 4 Deepika Padukone 5 Deepika Padukone 6 Deepika Padukone 7 Deepika Padukone 8 Deepika Padukone 9

1. Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi 1
Deepika might be the most beautiful woman from India at the moment but there are Indian women who left the country to impress the whole world. Imagine a really, really hot girl who not only can spice your bedroom but she’s also a top level cook who can spice it up in the kitchen too. That’s exactly what Padma Lakshmi is, a model, actress, author and tv host of multiple cooking shows including Top chef. She’s more woman than most guys can handle and she definitely has the total package to impress a man. If we also add the fact that she’s not like the rest of Indian women who prefer to hide their delightful bodies, this babe has it all. That’s why we consider Padma Lakshmi as being the Hottest Indian Woman.
Padma Lakshmi 1 Padma Lakshmi 2 Padma Lakshmi 3 Padma Lakshmi 4 Padma Lakshmi 5 Padma Lakshmi 6 Padma Lakshmi 7 Padma Lakshmi 8 Padma Lakshmi 9 Padma Lakshmi 10 Padma Lakshmi 11 Padma Lakshmi 12 Padma Lakshmi 13 Padma Lakshmi 14 Padma Lakshmi 15 Padma Lakshmi 16 Padma Lakshmi 17Padma Lakshmi 18

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