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8 Weird Stories of Sex, Marital Aids, & the Naked Body

The naked body is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. The emotional response to human lust is very strong and this has helped pr0nography grow into one of the largest industries in the world. In the last fifteen years, the Internet has exploded with hundreds of thousands of pr0n sites. The Internet has also helped expand the operations of many prostitution rings and illegal sex organizations. Several sexual phrases routinely rank very high in Google’s search statistics. This indicates that people like to view and learn about sex, pr0n, and the naked body, especially the female naked body. For your consideration, a mere handful of the weird events and facts about some of the most taboo activities.

1. M*$turbate-A-Thon
The M*$turbate-a-thon is a scheduled event in which participants m*$turbate in order to raise money for a specific charity. The events are intended to increase public awareness and dispose of the shame and taboos that surround certain sexual activities. The first M*$turbate-a-thon was held in 1999 and since that time, various events have raised over $25,000 for women’s health organizations and HIV prevention programs. During the events, pamphlets are disturbed and speakers provide information about safe sex and alternative methods of sexual expression.
At the end of every M*$turbate-a-thon, awards are given out to participants who raise the most money, as well as for multiple climaxs and endurance. In 2006, Europe’s First Sponsored M*$turbate-a-thon took place in London. The event was also known as the W***-a-thon, and was filmed as part of an international documentary. It was estimated that over 150 people participated in the event, with roughly two-thirds of them being men. The list of sexual instruments used at a M*$turbate-a-thon is extensive. Some examples include anal beads, artificial vaginas, dildos, vibrators, sybians, sex dolls, something called “Ben Wa balls”, and the love pillow.
a thon01
Absolutely not what these people were using for self gratification.

Current M*$turbate-a-thon Records:
At a 2009 M*$turbate-a-thon in San Francisco, California, one Masanobu Sato set the World Record for The Longest Time Spent M*$turbating by a Male, which is 9 hours and 58 minutes. Ms. Kitty Kat holds the record for women, which is 7 hours and 6 minutes. In 2008, Michael Hariprem set a World Record for the Most Climaxs/Male at a M*$turbate-a-thon with 31 separate climaxes. The Most Climaxs/Female goes to Lady Monster, who climaxed 20 times at a 2008 event.
The current record holder of “Longest Distance Come to Come” is Morihiro Taneichi from Tokyo. At a 2009 M*$turbate-a-thon in Denmark, a World Record was set when 222 female climaxs were recorded by the group of woman participating. An individual also stepped up at this event and set a World Record for Climax Distance/Female, which is 3.15 meters. A man was able to come within 6 centimeters of the target bull’s-eye, while the female winner was all over the bull’s-eye.
a thon02
No word on who won the coveted 2010 “Hairiest Palm” Award.

2.Female Hysteria
Female hysteria was a once-common medical diagnosis made exclusively in women. Women considered to be suffering from hysteria exhibited a wide array of symptoms, including faintness, nervousness, insomnia, muscle spasm, shortness of breath, irritability, loss of appetite for food or sex, and “a tendency to cause trouble”. The diagnosis and treatment for this disorder was quite baffling. Since ancient times women considered to be suffering from hysteria would undergo a pelvic massage. A pelvic massage was a manual stimulation of the genitals by the doctor until the patient experienced a hysterical climax. We assume there was giggling.
During the 2nd century, “sexual deprivation in passionate women” was the most reported cause of hysteria. For this reason, pelvic massages were performed on many virgins, nuns, widows and occasionally, married women. However, this medical procedure was not only performed in ancient history. The diagnosis of female hysteria really exploded in the middle of the 19th century. A reputable physician in 1859 claimed that a quarter of all women suffered from hysteria. A catalogue was developed with 75 pages of possible symptoms of the disease. Curiously, almost any ailment could fit the diagnosis. Female hysteria was diagnosed all over the world. In the 1850s, one report from an American doctor indicated that he was happy that the country was catching up to Europe in diagnosing the prevalence of hysteria. The cases of hysteria ended up being quite profitable for physicians, since the patients were not at risk of death, but needed constant pelvic massage treatment.
female hysteria01
Just the kind of person you want near your junk.
During the middle of the 19th century, the technique was difficult for a physician to master and could take hours to achieve the ultimate climax. Some literature on the issue mentions displeasure on the part of the physicians. This problem was short lived because in the late 1860s the doctors were given massage devices, which shortened treatment from hours to minutes. The first female vibrators were invented to help physicians perform pelvic massaging treatments on patients. By 1870, a clockwork-driven vibrator was available for doctors. In 1873, the first electromechanical vibrator was used at an asylum in France for the treatment of hysteria.
As you would expect, medical authorities were unwilling to admit the sexual purposes of the devices being used during the pelvic message sessions. By the 20th century, the spread of home electricity brought the vibrator to the consumer market. It appealed to hysteria suffers as a cheaper treatment, and could be used in the privacy of one’s own home. However, doctors still recommended that you receive hands on medical treatment for hysteria. The vibrator was a popular early home appliance. In fact, the electric home vibrator was on the market before many other home appliances, including nine years before the electric vacuum cleaner and ten years before the electric iron. A 1918 Sears catalog of home electrical appliances includes a portable vibrator with attachments. It was billed as: ”Very useful and satisfactory for home service.” Over the course of the early 20th century, the number of diagnoses of female hysteria sharply declined, and today it is no longer recognized as an illness.
female hysteria02
Doctors have been inconsolable ever since.

On April 19, 2010 it was reported that an Iranian Prayer Leader named Hojatoleslam Kazem Seddiqi made some strange remarks in Tehran, Iran. Seddipi told his listeners, “Many women who do not dress modestly lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spreading adultery in society, which increases earthquakes.” He went on to insist that Iranians should “adapt their lives to Islam’s moral codes” to avoid being “buried under the rubble,” of the impending earthquakes. In response to this story, Jennifer McCreight, who is a senior at Purdue University, planned and organized Boobquake.
McCreight encouraged her blog’s readers to help her poke fun at Seddiqi by dressing in your most immodest clothing to represent Boobquake. She went on to sarcastically imply that if enough people would get together in tight outfits with plenty of cleavage, then they could start an earthquake. The story was soon picked up by prominent news outlets, including repeated inquiries from the BBC. Two official meetings were planned for Boobquake, one in West Lafayette, Indiana, and the other in Washington, D.C. On April 26, 2010, 200,000 people showed up for Boobquake. The chaotic scene included many protests from Iranian citizens, as well as people criticizing the women who were showing off their bodies.
Women in swimming pools can also cause tsunamis.
This apparently did not matter, as over 100,000 women opened their shirts and showed off their bodies. The small amount of clothing seen at the events included push-up bras, unbuttoned shirts, short dresses, as well as sexy costumes. There was also no shortage of male spectators at Boobquake. Many female participants decided to go topless, especially in New York and Vancouver gatherings. That morning, at 10:59 am, a 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck 195 miles off the coast of Taitung, Taiwan. Jennifer McCreight described the earthquake as not being statically significant. She performed tests and determined at a 95% confidence interval that 0 to 148 earthquakes occur daily. During the course of the Boobquake event, 47 earthquakes were reported.

4.The Internet & Pr0nography
Pr0nography is a multi-billion dollar industry and one of the biggest money makers on the Internet. A 2006 study estimated that 35% of all Internet downloads are pr0nographic in nature. Over 25% of all Google searches involve pr0nographic phrases. “Sex” is the most searched item, with “nude” following close behind. In the United States, it was estimated that Internet pr0n videos grossed $2.8 billion in 2006 and this number increased to $4.9 billion in 2009. However, pr0nographic DVD sales and rentals have been steadily losing money. This is largely due to the vast amount of free pr0n sites available on the Internet.
The top four free Internet pr0n sites in the world are XVideos, RedTube, Pr0nHub, and YouPr0n. YouPr0n is currently the 63rd most popular website in the world. The highest paid pr0n stars in the world include Jenna Jamison, who is currently retired from the industry, but in her prime was making $30 million a year. Tera Patrick had a huge 2008 and 2009, earning $30 million annually. Former pr0n star Maria Takagi made $2.6 million in her best pr0n years. However, Takagi’s last sex video was released in 2004. In her prime, pr0n star Houston grossed over $1 million per year. Houston became famous in 1999 when she performed in the film The World’s Biggest Gangbang 3. In the movie she had sex with over 620 men without interruption. In 2007, pr0n actress Hilary Scott signed a four year $1 million dollar contract with SexZ Pictures. A typical pr0nographic DVD sells around 3,000 copies in its first month, while Jenna Jamison pictures averaged 50,000 copies sold.
the internet01
Make that 3001.
In regards to gender, 72% of visitors to adult websites are men. A recent study suggested that 20% of all men access pr0n at work, while 13% of women view pr0n while at work. 10% of these males suggested that they were struggling with a pr0n addiction, while 17% of the females commented on having an uncontrollable impulse to watch Internet pr0n. In recent years, many international governments have begun censoring Internet activity. There are several countries in the world where Internet pr0n is banned, including China, India, Iraq, Cuba, Malaysia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. However, new developments in hand held technologies has allowed people in these areas of the world to access Internet pr0n.
the internet02
Nothing says freedom like three moms having a pillowfight.

5.Donkey Punch
Hundreds of strange sexual behaviors have been recorded in history. People all over the world are into some strange fetishes. This has become more evident with the expansion of Internet pr0nography. One of the most peculiar sexual acts in the world of pr0nography is the donkey punch. The donkey punch is usually performed during already unconventional sex. The process involves the male penetrator repeatedly punching the sexual partner on the back of the head and neck during sex.
The goal is to cause the receiving partner’s sphincter to tense up, thus increasing the pleasure for the penetrator. Similar to some other sexual fetishes and acts, donkey punching is dangerous. The type of punch used during the act is known as a rabbit punch, named after a technique of killing rabbits. A rabbit punch is a blow to the neck or to the base of the skull. This type of a punch is considered especially dangerous because it can damage a person’s vertebrae and subsequently the spinal cord.
donkey punch01
True love.
The donkey punch is almost exclusively performed during or just before the climax of the penetrating partner. The act has been studied by professional scientists, who agree that it doesn’t work, as there is no reflex in the human body that causes the tightening of the anal sphincter after receiving trauma to the back of the head. The donkey punch was thought to be an urban legend, until 2004 when pr0n star Gia Paloma became the first known recipient of a donkey punch in a pr0nographic film. Alex Sanders punched her in the back of the head during the film Guttermouths 30.
In 2005, a pr0nographic film was released titled Donkey Punch. The star of the film, Alex Devine, reported that the donkey punch scene was the “most brutal, depressing, scary scene that I have ever done.” Devine agreed to be hit during the scene, but she later claimed to have misunderstood exactly how physical the abuse would be. The term “donkey punch” was also used to describe one of the many illegal trading campaigns performed by the former American energy company Enron.
donkey punch02
If sexual abuse doesn’t sell beverages, what will?

6.Ilona Staller
Ilona Staller or la Cicciolina, is a Hungarian-born Italian politician, pr0n-star, and singer. In 1951, Anna Ilona was born in Budapest, Hungary. In the early 1970s, she achieved success with a radio program and starred in some low budget films. In 1978, Staller became the first woman to show her breasts on Italian TV, during an episode of C’era due Volte. Five years later, she starred in her first hardcore pr0nographic film. During the filming she was said to have performed zoophilia or bestiality with a horse. However, these claims were later denied.
In 1987, Staller appeared in a U.S. marketed pr0no with John Holmes. The film would become highly criticized when it was revealed that John Holmes tested positive for HIV prior to filming. Holmes would die within a year of shooting sex scenes with Ilona Staller. During the late 1980s, Staller gained a large following in Italy and in 1987 was elected to the Italian parliament with 20,000 votes. Staller continued to make hardcore pr0nographic films while in office and became famous for giving political speeches with one breast exposed to the public.
ilona staller01
Attendance in parliament improved considerably.
Before the outset of the Gulf War, Staller offered to have sex with Saddam Hussein if he would release his foreign hostages. She was not re-elected for another term in 1991, but remains the only active pr0n star to serve in the Italian parliament. Staller was among the founders of the political movement Partito dell’Amore (the Love Party) which preaches absolute sexual freedom and love for all. She renewed her offer to have sex with Saddam Hussein in October 2002, when Iraq was resisting pressure to allow nuclear weapon inspections. In April of 2006, she made the same offer to Osama bin Laden.
ilona staller02
At a certain point, it simply becomes a terrorist fetish.

7.F*** For Forest
The FFF is a non-profit environmental agency. The group was founded in Norway by Leona Johansson and Tommy Hol Ellingsen. The goal of the FFF is to raise money for rescuing the world’s rainforests. They accomplish this by selling pr0nographic material and staging public sex outings. The organization at one time even received funding from the government of Norway. The FFF ran into some legal troubles in 2004 when two group members had sex on stage during a Quart Festival concert. The couple performed the act during the set of Norwegian singer Kristopher Schau and his band.
for forest01
With a face like that, who could resist?
For this reason, the FFF moved their organization headquarters to Berlin, Germany. During their first year of operation, the FFF was able to raise more than $100,000 towards forest protection, with the majority of the money coming from donations and paid memberships. Currently, the FFF is working towards helping indigenous communities in Costa Rica and the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. The practices of the FFF are considered unusual and highly sexual. Their slogan is, “By showing the beauty of natural love, nudity and sex, we wish to direct attention to and collect money for the Earth’s threatened nature.”
for forest02
You’d think with a slogan that bad he’d be hotter.

8.Prostitution and The World Cup
Prostitution is the practice of performing sex acts in exchange for money or gifts. In modern times, prostitution has become illegal in many parts of the world, but the global sex industry is still estimated to make over $100 billion in annual revenue. In the few places around the world where prostitution is legal, there are often laws forbidding people from soliciting sex in a public place or operating a pimping operation. Certain places have been identified as popular destinations for sex tourism. These countries include Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Kenya, the Netherlands, the Philippines, and Thailand.
In the Netherlands prostitution is legal, although it is regulated. A 2003 study estimated that one out of every 35 women in Amsterdam is working as a prostitute. In Germany, prostitution and brothels are legal. This caused a problem for local officials at the 2006 World Cup, which was held in Germany. Prostitution has been illegal in South Africa since the 1950s. However, organized prostitution rings have been running for decades. On June 11, 2010, the World Cup is scheduled to begin in South Africa. It is the first time that a World Cup will be hosted by an African nation.
prostitution and the world cup01
Some are easier to spot than others.
The event is bringing an estimated 500,000 people to South Africa, including thousands of sex workers. A recent article published on the NY Daily News website suggests that around 40,000 sex workers are traveling to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup. This has caused officials in many nations to release warnings, reminding travelers that 16% of the South African population is believed to be living with HIV. When you start talking about street walkers, the percentage of people with AIDS greatly increases. Many teenagers do not understand these threats and could be in danger of making a poor decision and contacting HIV. The South African government discussed legalizing and regulating prostitution for The World Cup, but this did not happen.
prostitution and the world cup02

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