Thursday, August 25, 2011

The City - Telugu Movie

The City - Telugu Full Movie - 1994 - Producer : Lavanya, Director : I.V.Shashi, Cast : Suresh Gopi, Durga, Jayashree, Latha Gowri Priya, Vijayadurga, Ratnakumari, Music Director : Johnson. Synopsis : The City is the story which showcases the real status of the city, now-a-days.This stiro has given a clear idea about the illegal and unjustice activities which are going on in the city.Ravi, a sincere and honest police officer is striving for a clean city who is accompanied by his fiance Jyoti.In this process, there is girl Baby, who had committed suicide and her father thinks that Ravi is the reason for her suicide.Ravi has decided to prove himself.So he meets Baby's college friend, from which Ravi comes to know that many of the children of powerful politicians are being included in the smuggling and other illegal activities.What action will Ravi take against all this, forms the rest of the story.

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