Friday, August 12, 2011

The Hottest WWE Divas

I was never some fan of Pro Wrestling, but I must admit that it has always held a certain fascination. You know you’re looking at a show that’s basically a weird soap opera for men and adolescent boys, but in all honesty, that’s kind of the attraction. Wrestling has serious staying power too, because it always has a core audience that is obsessed with the product. If you’re in doubt – check out any random wrestler’s inevitably exhaustive Wikipedia change. The fandom easily outvie other stereotypically nerdy pastimes like Star Trek or some video games, but with wrestling you’ve got the bonus of always having some great eye candy hanging around. That’s what we’re interested in today, as we count down the all time hottest women of wrestling. Check out our list and let us know what you think!

Stacy Keibler

the hottest wwe divas01

Torrie Wilson

the hottest wwe divas02

Maria Kanellis

the hottest wwe divas03

Trish Stratus

the hottest wwe divas04

Kristal Marshall

the hottest wwe divas05

Candice Michelle

the hottest wwe divas06

Melina Perez

the hottest wwe divas07

Lilian Garcia

the hottest wwe divas08

Kelly Kelly

the hottest wwe divas09


the hottest wwe divas10

Brie Bella

the hottest wwe divas11

Michelle Mccool

the hottest wwe divas12

Alicia Fox

the hottest wwe divas13

Karen McDougal

the hottest wwe divas14


the hottest wwe divas15

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