Thursday, August 11, 2011

Largest Airport of Middle East - Dubai Airport

Dubai Airport is the largest airport of the Middle East and the biggest transport node in the world. Today you'll know about deserted past, unbelievable present and fantastic future plans of the airport bearing in mind that only 50 years ago there was a desert here.

May 1963 was marked by construction of an asphalted landing area, 2804 m long, that was put into operation in May 1965 alongside with the second building of the passenger terminal, airplane sheds and navigation equipment. Its launching ceremony occurred on May 15, 1965 when first large jet liners De Havilland Comet belonging to Middle East Airlines and Kuwait Airways arrived at the airport.

Lighting system of the landing area was launched in August 1965. Invention of wide-bodied reactive jets in 1970 required additional construction of the airport complex. That time a new three-stored building of passenger terminal (110 meters long and 13400 square meters in area), bearing tracks adjusted for wide-bodied jet airplanes and a new air traffic control tower.

Dubai Airport Old Images

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