Monday, August 8, 2011

The Most Memorable Celebrity Scandals in 2011

What would celebrities be without making scandals- ordinary people? Many celebrities like to be under the microscope so that they don’t get forgotten. It seems that the celebrities on our list like to be under the spot light only in situations like these. From jail time to flashing panties there’s always something spicy going on in Hollywood. See for yourselves.

1. Amy Winehouse (wasted) in Belgrade

On Jun the 16th Amy was scheduled to perform in Belgrade (the capital of Serbia). The crowd was esthetic while waiting for this British star to emerge onto the stage. The night was beautiful, the Moon was lighting up the event and finally it was time. Amy got up to the stage or better say crawled onto the stage. She was wasted only after less than a fortnight that she had went out of rehab. She was highly unprofessional, and unable to sing or stand on her two feet.

2. Arnold Shchwarzenegger

On May 9 of 2011, it was announced that, after 25 years of marriage, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver were separating. The reasons were unclear but within days rumors started to leak about the reasons behind the break-up. Shchwarzenegger had a romance with Mildred Patricia Beana, a member of family’s staff, over 10 years ago and had fathered a child with her. It was also revealed that Schwarzenegger had cheated on Shriver within the first 3 years of their marriage. Now that’s a scandal!

3. Charlie Sheen

Charlie, the king of scandals is in on his winning spree. The list of endless trail of scandals has become longer when he voluntarily checked himself into rehab late January after being rushed to the hospital for “severe abdominal pain” a day before. Charlie started giving bizarre interviews where he criticized and insulted Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre, resulting in the cancellation of the show for the reason of the season. He called Chuck Lorre “a contaminated maggot,” an “earthworm,” a “clown,” a “stupid, stupid little man”. But that was not all! On March the 1st, Charlie’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller filed a restraining order against him prohibiting him to go within 100 yards of her. Brooke later won the restraining order and police temporarily took Charlie’s twin boys out of his custody.

4. Emma Watson

The innocent Hermione from Harry Potter is a thing of the past. Emma Watson is taking big steps to adulthood, maybe too big. It seems that she had drop out of college because or her career demands or maybe there was something else that drew her to make such a decision? A photograph circulated around campus via email that showed Watson topless standing next to a hot tub. It turned out that the photo was fake, but the damage was done. However, it seem that Emma likes to show too much of her body, you decide.

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