Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weird Easter’s Eggs

All Christians celebrate the Easter -  Christ’s Resurrection Day. This is the most joyous day of the year. Creative people can turn it into a truly joyous and colorful day with decorating eggs in a truly unusual and interesting way. Some people use Easter eggs for their own artistic expression, and it can be kind of weird.
weird eggs1 300x224
91237 a chocolate easter egg is pictured in antwerp 300x202
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unusual easter gifts
purple easter egg thumb4334354
Battlestar Easter eggs thumb 550x366 36613
easter egg celebrities 03
easter egg celebrities 09
easter egg celebrities 13
easter egg celebrities 15
easter egg celebrities 18
easter egg celebrities 20
Easter egg tree
funny bunny gift
funny pictures your cat lays easter eggs thumb5
Futurama Eggs by Red Flare
Happy easter  badass eggs  by zaloguj
Halloween eggs by Red Flare
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IMG 3632
Pokemon Eggs by Red Flare56

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