Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Padaharella Vayasu ~ Telugu Movie


Padaharella Vayasu is the story about a teen age girl Malli (Sridevi) who is the only educated girl in her village.All the people of the village are very jealous of her intelligence and beauty.She is expecting a charming prince to come and marry her away.But her mother Ganga (Nirmala) is trying to marry her with Kunti (Chandra Mohan) who is handicapped and ugly fellow, with no support in life.At this moment, a vetenary doctor comes to the village and Malli falls in love with him.The doctor is trying to use her and Malli is in a false impression that he will marry her.When Malli's mother comes to know about it she dies with a herat attack.All the people of the village are trying to accuse her by tonting her.At this moment Kunti stands as a support for her life.Will Malli ever understand Kunti's love? Till what limits Kunti will go to achieve Malli's love, forms the rest of the story.

Veta ~ Telugu Movie


Veta is an adventurious thriller, where Pratap (Chiranjeevi) an sincere ship-captain is being arrested by Jayram(Mohan Sharma) because he wants to marry Saroja(Jayapradha) who is in love with Pratap.So he creates a false case on Pratap and sends him into custody where Banerjee(Rangnath) sends him to Andaman Jail for lifetime.There Pratap meets Mahendra Verma (Jagayya) who explains Pratap how falsely he was sent to jail.Mahendra Verma also surrenders his whole property to Pratap so that he can take revenge on all the for people who had spoiled Pratap's as well as Mahendra Verma's life.Mahendra Verma also request him to take care of his daughter Jyotirmayi (Sumalatha).Did Pratap get out of the prison and did he take his revenge, forms the rest of the story.

Rusthum ~ Telugu Movie


Megastar Chiranjeevi's ever lasting movie Rusthum, where Chiranjeevi is seen as a very honest and good person who strives for the well-being of the people.Hari (Chiranjeevi) comes to the village for a purpose but unknowingly he gets rivalry with the superior but cruel powers of the village.When Hari enters the village he comes to know that the rich people of the village are exploiting the poor people of the village and are taking away their property unjustly.He decides to fight against them.Will he be successful in his trial forms the rest of the story.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Gaaju Bommalu ~ Telugu Movie


Chandram (Sharath Babu) is a well educated person.He comes to India from Canada to meet his father's chilhood friend Jagannatham (Gummadi).Jagannatham and Chandram's father have taken part in the freedom fighting.Chandram is here to fulfill his father's dream.But when he reaches here he comes to know about the truth of Indians and their standard of living.He is trying to change the scenario and way of thinking of the people and he is striving to bring them on the right path.Will he be successful in it and what are the consequences he had to face during this mission.Watch it out in the movie Gaaju Bommalu.

Palanati Simham ~ Telugu Movie


Palnati Simham is the story about the history of royal families in Palnadu.The story of Palnadu and the sacrifices of the leaders of Palnadu has been clearly seen in this movie.Krishnama Naidu(Krishna) is one of the member of the royal families of Palnadu.Bhavani (Radha) who is Krishnama Naidu's relative loves him a lot but Krishnama Naidu wants to marry Sujatha(Jayasudha).Due to which Bhavani's mother Nagamani (Sharada) who is a collector tries to take revenge with his family.This activity had lead to many losses in Palnadu.Watch out the history of Palnadu in the movie Palnati Simham.

Anthuleni Kadha ~ Telugu Movie

Anthuleni Kadha - Telugu Full Movie - 1986 - Producer : Ram Arangannal, Director : K.Balchander, Cast : Jayapradha, Jayalaxmi, Sripriya, Sudha, Jayashree, Jayavijaya, Phani, Shantha Devi, Parvathi, Rajini, Baby Gowri, Prasad Babu, Suresh, Rajnikanth, Narayana Rao, Music Director : M.S.Vishwanathan. Synopsis : Anthuleni Katha, as the name rightly suggests the story is non stop.Sarita (Jayapradha) is the sole earner in her family.Her father had ran away leaving behind many responsibilities for her.She has a widow sister, a sister of marriageable age, a blind brother and a useless brother who instead of earning money and supporting the family, he is always busy in drinking and roaming around.To add to the lot she also takes care of his brother's wife and their two children.What turn will Sarita's life take in fulfilling all these responsibilities.

Ekalavya ~ Telugu Movie

Ekalavya (Krishna) belongs to a tribal family.His father wanted him to achieve proficiency in the skill of using arrow and bow.So his mother tells him to go to Hasthinapura where Dronacharya (Gummadi) is teaching Arjuna (Sharath Babu) the same skill.Dronacharya was also impressed by Ekalavya and agreed to teach him but Arjuna had taken objection about Ekalavya's caste.So Ekalavya decided to learn all the skills on his own.After few days he becomes master in all the skills but this is not accepted by Arjuna.He complains it to Dronacharya and unknowingly Dronacharya assures him that no person other than Arjuna will lead in this skill.But when he comes to know that the proficiency is achieved by Ekalavya he regrets it.But still he had to do something to bring Arjuna on the lead.What had Dronacharya done with Ekalavya's talent to bring Arjuna on the leading position.Watch it out in the movie Ekalavya.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Soggadi Pellam ~ Telugu Movie

Soggadi Pellam
Rambabu(Mohan Babu) is president to a village and he is a Crazy guy enjoying with village gang by playing cards. He addicts to such cards game and sells all the things in his home.Apart from that he is a good human being and who can do justice to poor people in his village.Due to some reasons he kidnaps the daughter of neighbor village president Satyanarayana and kept her in his home. Somehow they fell in love with each other.Rest of the story you can see in the movie.


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