Friday, January 27, 2012

Anthuleni Kadha ~ Telugu Movie

Anthuleni Kadha - Telugu Full Movie - 1986 - Producer : Ram Arangannal, Director : K.Balchander, Cast : Jayapradha, Jayalaxmi, Sripriya, Sudha, Jayashree, Jayavijaya, Phani, Shantha Devi, Parvathi, Rajini, Baby Gowri, Prasad Babu, Suresh, Rajnikanth, Narayana Rao, Music Director : M.S.Vishwanathan. Synopsis : Anthuleni Katha, as the name rightly suggests the story is non stop.Sarita (Jayapradha) is the sole earner in her family.Her father had ran away leaving behind many responsibilities for her.She has a widow sister, a sister of marriageable age, a blind brother and a useless brother who instead of earning money and supporting the family, he is always busy in drinking and roaming around.To add to the lot she also takes care of his brother's wife and their two children.What turn will Sarita's life take in fulfilling all these responsibilities.

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