Thursday, January 12, 2012

Soggadi Pellam ~ Telugu Movie

Soggadi Pellam
Rambabu(Mohan Babu) is president to a village and he is a Crazy guy enjoying with village gang by playing cards. He addicts to such cards game and sells all the things in his home.Apart from that he is a good human being and who can do justice to poor people in his village.Due to some reasons he kidnaps the daughter of neighbor village president Satyanarayana and kept her in his home. Somehow they fell in love with each other.Rest of the story you can see in the movie.


  1. Mohan Babu 

    Ramya Krishna

  2. Brahmanandam

  3. Monica Bedi


  1. Mutyala Subbayya


  1. M.A.Gafoor


  1. Mutyala Subbayya

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