Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Padaharella Vayasu ~ Telugu Movie


Padaharella Vayasu is the story about a teen age girl Malli (Sridevi) who is the only educated girl in her village.All the people of the village are very jealous of her intelligence and beauty.She is expecting a charming prince to come and marry her away.But her mother Ganga (Nirmala) is trying to marry her with Kunti (Chandra Mohan) who is handicapped and ugly fellow, with no support in life.At this moment, a vetenary doctor comes to the village and Malli falls in love with him.The doctor is trying to use her and Malli is in a false impression that he will marry her.When Malli's mother comes to know about it she dies with a herat attack.All the people of the village are trying to accuse her by tonting her.At this moment Kunti stands as a support for her life.Will Malli ever understand Kunti's love? Till what limits Kunti will go to achieve Malli's love, forms the rest of the story.

Veta ~ Telugu Movie


Veta is an adventurious thriller, where Pratap (Chiranjeevi) an sincere ship-captain is being arrested by Jayram(Mohan Sharma) because he wants to marry Saroja(Jayapradha) who is in love with Pratap.So he creates a false case on Pratap and sends him into custody where Banerjee(Rangnath) sends him to Andaman Jail for lifetime.There Pratap meets Mahendra Verma (Jagayya) who explains Pratap how falsely he was sent to jail.Mahendra Verma also surrenders his whole property to Pratap so that he can take revenge on all the for people who had spoiled Pratap's as well as Mahendra Verma's life.Mahendra Verma also request him to take care of his daughter Jyotirmayi (Sumalatha).Did Pratap get out of the prison and did he take his revenge, forms the rest of the story.

Rusthum ~ Telugu Movie


Megastar Chiranjeevi's ever lasting movie Rusthum, where Chiranjeevi is seen as a very honest and good person who strives for the well-being of the people.Hari (Chiranjeevi) comes to the village for a purpose but unknowingly he gets rivalry with the superior but cruel powers of the village.When Hari enters the village he comes to know that the rich people of the village are exploiting the poor people of the village and are taking away their property unjustly.He decides to fight against them.Will he be successful in his trial forms the rest of the story.